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The school follows the syllabus prescribed by NCERT and the Central Board of Secondary Education. Over the years, the school has carved out a niche for itself through an excellent academic curriculum, a faculty of competent and dedicated members ready to pay individual attention to each child.

The school is characterized by high quality teaching in classes where every child is known and encouraged to work to the best of his/her ability. Great emphasis is placed on students to develop confidence and fluency in English.
The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, up to class X.

At H.M. Global School we believe that learning is not just a path to university and a career, but it is also a path to pleasure. The books we read, the science we absorb, the languages we learn, the artistic, sporting and musical skills we acquire are the tools that enable us to fulfil our potential.

The best education is not about cramming for exams but preparing young people for life in all aspects. Our aim is to help each child in our school community reach their potential.

We achieve this by rigorous attention to academic outcomes combined with an extensive co-curricular program. Our co-curricular activities include a highly respected music, dance and drama program, sporting opportunities, House programs, unsurpassed pastoral care, a well-defined code of behaviour and a well-developed sense of community.

Our students' achievements are testament to the dedication and expertise of our teachers, who enjoy a close relationship with their students at all levels. This personal knowledge gives them a good appreciation of what each student needs, educationally and socially. We continue to be justifiably proud of the well-rounded, well-educated, considerate and community-minded young people who constitute our past and present student body.

Primary School Curriculum

Our primary school students actually look forward to returning to school by the time the summer break is over!

Children, for the most part, enjoy their learning, are engaged in the programs, like to be challenged and thoroughly immerse themselves in the many co-curricular activities available at H.M. GLOBAL.
The strong culture for success in the Junior School is reflected in the 'Have a Go' attitude adopted by students and encouraged by teachers. Students are challenged to do their best at every opportunity. Teachers structure all activities to allow for individual levels of attainment and progress.

The core academic priorities of Language, Maths, Social Studies, General Knowledge and Science studies are presented in a manner that celebrates understanding, exploration, and skill development and fosters areas of personal interest and growth. A variety of learning strategies ensure that all learning styles are catered for.

Teaching staff continue to explore new ways to enhance learning with this technology. The teachers assist students with skill development in the areas of resilience, getting along with others, persistence, confidence and organization. This program helps students to accept responsibility for their own learning and encourages skills and attitudes that lead to greater success and more efficient use of their time.
Our approach presents students with foundation learning in a planned topic and then allows them to explore this knowledge further in ways that interest them.

Middle & Secondary School Curriculum

The time spent in the Secondary School is a unique period of student growth and development. The H.M. Global School’s program is designed to extend students' academic skills, promote personal development and encourage attitudes of responsible citizenship thorough a variety of learning experiences. This includes interdisciplinary learning across the academic and pastoral programs.

Our teaching philosophy and practice is based on the understanding that during these years students undergo significant physical, emotional, social and academic development. The diversity of curricular and co-curricular activities available to students enables them to accept increasing levels of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.

There are many opportunities for students to experience leadership challenges within the Middle School. In classes 7 and 8 students will work across a number of specific briefs and assist in a range of activities. All students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills.


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