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About Us

We welcome you to H. M. Global School, an English medium, co-educational institute affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi,the institution committed to imparting quality education and providing the best facilities and environment for the overall development of your child. Highly qualified and experienced team is there at H. M. Global School to provide an innovative educational input.

Our Unique Features

The professed intention and objective of the institution is to impart to the younger generation an education that is a distillation of all that is noble and pure through the medium of latest technology and innovative teaching methodology, emphasizing on enhancement of subtle aspects of personality and pursuit of excellence in all fields.

Supervised Assignments at School

Modern classroom techniques involve imparting of trauma free, strain free and friendly education to children. Special periods are earmarked every day for supervised assignments at school. Specialized teachers guide the individual and small groups of students to do the assignments. Personalized care and attention is given to each and every student.


The idea of an Ideal School for young learners of Sambhal was conceived by a noted businessman Maqsood Hussain’s who could not fulfil it in his lifetime. His Son Habeeb Ur Rehman and Ajeeb Ur Rehman cherished the idea to implement it. This dream could not be fulfilled in the heydays of Habeeb Ur Rehman lifetime and before the programme of putting his dream into action he was on the way to his heavenly abode.
 Finally Maqsood Hussain’s youngest son Ajeeb Ur Rehman who decided to make a Broad Based International Curriculum School in Sambhal which will be Relevant to Todays World, aided by their genext Labeeb Ur Rehman, Shakeeb Ur Rehman, Khateeb Ur Rehman and Kamaal Akhtar.

The school is named after the father-son duo of Maqsood Hussain and Habeeb Ur Rehman –H.M.Global School (Habeeb Maqsood Global School). The Foundation stone was laid on 26 th August,2016 by
Babu Irfan and Brother’s.

The Babu Irfan & Brothers Group: Settled in Sambhal and the family is well known and well renowned. They actively support public causes and grievances. 
The passion of all the brothers towards their work led them to expand their business and it has been their dedication and motivation which has given the Group the pride of place and status of day. They actively participated and hosted various charitable works and positively contributed towards the society.

The School Directors Labeeb Ur Rehman and Shakeeb Ur Rehman have done their schooling from Col.Brown Cambridge School, Dehradun. A highly academic and prestigious all boys school founded in 1926. On their return to Sambhal they wanted to set up a school based on Dehradun private boarding School Model. They wanted the children to receive the same education opportunities they have experienced at Col. Brown Cambridge School. The H.M.Global School envision as a School that would attract the student of all Indian Society and would be entirely Secular. The H.M.Global School wants to specialise students who would do wonders in
every field.

Established in 2018, H.M. Global School is one of Uttar Pradesh finest schools, with a strong intellectual heartbeat. The school’s beautiful six acre campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life provide ample green space and fresh air where the students are able to learn happily. There is no wasted time travelling to learn Sport, Art, Music, Drama and benefit from Careers Guidance as well as other necessary university and college entrance preparation.

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